New York (The Chrysler Building) 3


  • Dimensions – 100 x 80 x 1.3 cm
  • Technique – Oil on Board
  • Other details – Framing on request.
  • Shipping – Free of charge (UK & Ireland)
  • About the artwork –In this third and final study of the view towards the Chrysler Building in New York, I have aimed infuse the energy and rhythm of the cityscape with expressionistic and semi-abstract touches. The brushstrokes aim to animate the scene with bold contrasts and a dynamic perspective that invites viewers to step into a moment of urban life, perfectly balanced by the majestic presence of the iconic structure in the New York skyline. Capturing the essence of the city’s architecture and light, this study is an adjustment from the previous in that it focuses more on an alternative angle of light and areas of shadow that creates a different feel to the composition. Many sketches were made around this part of the city and the compositions are adjusted to suit which areas of light and shape I felt would add to the study. All three in the series show a different angle, but all were made together to share a similar ‘history’ of development.

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