Coit Tower (San Francisco)


  • Dimensions – 120 x 100 x 1.2cm
  • Technique – Oil on canvas
  • Other details – Framing on request.
  • Shipping – Free (UK & Ireland)
  • About the artwork –  This composition has been visited several times in my practice, with sketches made of the iconic views from the city and bay towards Coit Tower- an iconic monument in San Francisco. This is a large artwork for me as I normally work on a much smaller scale and on board and was a challenge. I enjoy the hard surface and how board allows the paint to move around on the surface. I am also able to sand and treat the surface so that it can be smooth. Canvas is bouncy and has texture, so I have had to find ways of treating the surface so that it performs like board to paint on. Working larger would not work on board as it is too heavy and warps, so I cut canvas and added several layers of a ground, sanding it numerous times so that it was smooth. I also attached the canvas to a wall so that I could paint on a hard, non bouncy surface. Adding a ground here gave me the basis for my painting, the composition of which is taken from several small studies and sketches. The artwork itself depicts the view towards the tower and onwards towards to hills of California- telegraph lines intersect, and suggestions of typical San Francisco buildings edge into the composition.

This artwork is currently available through the Watts Contemporary Gallery in Guildford until April 2022. 


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