Waunfawr Series (2012)

The Waunfawr series was the accumulation of three years of artistic practice in the school of art. Based on numerous factors, the series comprises of different scenes showing a typically suburban, British mid 1970’s housing estate. Influenced by my own experience in growing up in such an environment, whilst being swayed heavily by American artists (especially mid twentieth century) such as Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn- I chose to portray a similar, almost identical estate in Aberystwyth, Wales where I was completing my undergraduate degree.

Elements of memory, nostelgia, friends, and family run throughout the pictures. I see home in them all- yet they sit in a silent, semi-abstract world. With strong references to shape, colour, light and line- I attempt to explore this environment, void of the human figure, animals and birds. It seems uncomfortable, bleak and ordinary- yet I find pleasure in bringing to life a sense of emotion to an otherwise common, yet unexplored and uncharted world.

The series of paintings was featured in the ‘Graduate’ exhibition held at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff in 2012.

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