Dovey Junction (2009 – 2012)

Whilst on my undergraduate degree in my second year, I explored a location as part of a project entitled ‘a sense of place’. The place I chose was a small, isolated and desolate railway station in the dyfi estuary about 14 miles North of Aberystwyth called Dovey Junction.

Strange in its location and use, the platform is rarely visited other than by trains stopping by every hour or so travelling along the Welsh coast or inland to the Industrial Midands. I found this unusual place a ideal location to explore the project at hand, and began like I began everything at that time- by drawing it. I remember my Uncle telling me when I chose to come to Aberystwyth about ‘Dovey Junction’, commenting on it as it were a surreal place. And in all the hours i spent there I didn’t once see anyone else get on or off a train!

Over the next few months from the start of autumn throughout winter and into the summer- I read, videoed, drew and painted there in all weathers and in the day and night. Not least to say I got rather attached to this piece of concrete in the middle of nowhere I went back more recently to conduct afew more studies-

Dovey Junction continues to aid my development and helped considerably my awareness and response to a location. This experience was later influencial for much of my work work on travel and place- in particular my MA in 2012-2014.

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