Previous Work


A series of Prints and Paintings that combine and explore elements of both mediums through essentially trial and error. Afterthought l and ll larger works on canvas in oils, where as the smaller studies are more relevant to the quick, responsive production of work that suits this process.

This series is a way of exploring the way that I make work to support my other projects and I am open to how it will develop.

Afterthought Paintprint 9 (Dovey Junction), Mixed media print on paper
Afterthought Paintprint 9 (Dovey Junction), Mixed media print on paper, 2012



Dovey Junction

Whilst on my undergraduate degree in my second year, I explored a location as part of a project entitled ‘a sense of place’. The place I chose was a small, isolated and desolate railway station in the dyfi estuary about 14 miles North of Aberystwyth called Dovey Junction.

Dovey Junction 4
Dovey Junction 4, Oil on canvas, 2011

Ingelby Series

A short series of work based on a location in a South Derbyshire village where I spent time as a boy near where my dad worked in a small brewery. The shapes and visual information gained from the landscape still influences my outlook on the world around me today.

Ingelby 1, Lino print on paper
Ingelby 1, Lino print on paper, 2011

Life Studies

A selection of drawings and paintings from life classes on my undergraduate degree.

Pencil on paper
The Conversation, Pencil on Paper, 2011


Drawing, painting and print from explorations into ideas and concepts.

Llanbadarn Bridge, Oil on canvas
Llanbadarn Bridge, Oil on canvas, 2012

Waunfawr Series

The Waunfawr series was the accumulation of three years of artistic practice in the school of art. Based on numerous factors, the series comprises of different scenes showing a typically suburban, British mid 1970′s housing estate. Influenced by my own experience in growing up in such an environment, whilst being swayed heavily by American artists (especially mid twentieth century) such as Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn- I chose to portray a similar, almost identical estate in Aberystwyth, Wales where I was completing my undergraduate degree.

Waunfawr 7, Oil on Canvas
Waunfawr 7, Oil on Canvas, 2012
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