LAOTY Artworks

The artworks produced on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year

Final- Winkworth Arboretum 

Winkworth Boathouse- The Final
Winkworth Boathouse- The Final WINNER (33.3 x 47.2cm) SOLD


The Final Commission Painting- Kilchern Castle

Kilchern Castle 1 (67.7 x 50.7cm) WINNING COMMISSION SOLD

Kilchern Castle 2 (46.9 x 33.7cm)  SOLD

Kilchern Castle 3 (33.9 x 53.9cm)  SOLD


Semi Final-


Lavender Fields 2 (40.4 x 26.3cm) SOLD

Lavender Fields 1 (WINNER) (41.6 x 28.7cm) SOLD


Heat Stage- Worms Head, The Gower

Worms head 2 (36.4 x 55cm) £1,300
Worms head 2 (36.4 x 55cm) SOLD
Worms head 3 (22.8 x 34cm) £900
Worms head 3 (22.8 x 34cm) SOLD
Worms head 1 (Winning artwork heat 6) 34.8 x 44cm £2000
Worms head 1 (Winning artwork heat 6) 34.8 x 44cm SOLD


Preparatory Works

Here are a series of artworks that were made in readiness for each round of the competition. I had no idea what were were going to be presented with so it was guess work. Nothing beats being there of course.




Semi Final


Practice study 2 (43 x 32.2cm) SOLD        Practice study 1 (30.4 x 20cm) SOLD


Heat Stage


Rhosilli (43.8 x 34.6cm) SOLD

Rhosilli 2 (35.2 x 26cm) SOLD

Kedleston Hall (36 x 23cm) Available at Fletchergate Gallery



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