I have decided to take part in an initiative that artist matthew burrows launched last year: the #artistsupportpledge for the countless artists who are losing their source of income.

Artists are asked to post work which they are willing to sell for £200 or less (not inc. shipping) and upon making £1000 of sales, they pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200.

Here are the artworks of mine that are currently available for £200 each (not inc shipping)

A number of the artworks are studio studies. I feel that this is particularly relevent due to the relative isolation that many of us are feeling during this time. I have spent lots of time in the studio playing around with ideas and compositions and the results of the more successful ones feature here. 


If would like to purchase one of these artworks then please do below, or email me directly via the contact button above.


Thank you for supporting my practice and that of other artists.

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About Tom

Tom Voyce (b. 1989) is a Landscape painter currently based in the UK who is interested in portraying the essence of place.

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