Artist Statement

I am interested in the interaction between manmade environments and the impact that outside natural factors can have on a composition. Whether it is the portrayal of specific locations on the move such as airports or railway stations, or the more mundane representations of an interior- I continually search for structures around me that grasp me, and for ones that I and can take and develop into an intriguing artwork that contains both a personal and relatable response to our modern world. Of course, we do not exist in a vacuum. Artists such as Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn have been immensely influential in the development of my work, as have more contemporary artists- American painter Ben Aronson amongst others. Hopper’s proverb, “if you can say it in words, then there’s no reason to paint it”, forms a principal part of my attitude towards the uniquely communicative purpose of art.

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Exhibition and Education Info:

  • BSDC Final Exhibition (Burton Upon Trent), 2009
  • Aberystwyth Printmakers Winter Exhibition (Aberystwyth, Wales),2010
  • Hong Kong Exchange Printmaking Exhibition (Hong Kong), 2011
  • Wharepuke Printmaking Exhibition (Wharepuke, New Zealand), 2011
  • Aberystwyth Art Centre Printmaking Exhibition, (Aberystwyth, Wales), 2011
  • Here & Now Exchange (Aberystwyth, Wales & University of Arizona, Tucson, USA), 2011
  • Ticknall Art Exhibition (Ticknall, S. Derbyshire), 2011
  • Winter Painting Exhibition (Aberystwyth, Wales), 2011
  • School of Art Winter Show, (Aberystwyth, Wales), 2011
  • Final Year Degree Show, (Aberystwyth, Wales), 2012
  • ‘Graduate’, (Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff), 2012
  • PINT Festival (Burton Upon Trent/ Derby), 2012
  • PINT Exhibition, The best of. (Burton Upon Trent/ Derby), 2012
  • ‘In Transit’ solo Exhibition, (Rhayader, Wales) May 2013
  • HK Open Printshop Exhibition (Hong Kong) October 2013
  • Gas Gallery Open (Wales), December- January 2014
  • MA Final Show 1 (Aberystwyth), May 2014
  • MA Final Show 2 (Aberystwyth), September 2014
  • FBA Futures 2015 (Mall Galleries, London), January 2015
  • Atec East Exhibition (Wisbech, Norfolk), August 2015


  • BSDC Foundation Course, 2009
  • Aberystwyth University School of Art (Wales), BA Hons First Class, 2012
  • Aberystwyth University School of Art (Wales), MA, 2014


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