Queens Road, Aberystwyth 

I have been wrestling with this image for along time now. The location is a street in Aberystwyth where I went to university. What attracted me to this view is the cutting through of the light that almost splits the picture in half. It also contains some other attractive features such as the interesting shadow on the house and wall, leading line of the path and yellow no parking marks- aswell as the contrast of the pinky wall behind the tree.

Along time ago when I was exploring the work of Edward Hopper I became attracted to street scenes void of people. This prevails still today with a lot of what I do. The slight addition of constitution hill in the background was also a subject that I used to visit a lot, Although mainly through prints. 

Here I created a watercolour study to work from afew months ago with the intention of taking it further. It’s only until now with a free weekend that I have managed to start doing something but I’m finding it a massive slog. 

2 thoughts on “Queens Road, Aberystwyth 

  1. Love this little gem….! Are you selling your work anywhere, or have images of work for sale? Congrats on the sky arts win, a deserving accolade!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Thank you for the nice comment. Yes I do sell work though this website. If you look on “current work” there will be images with sizes and prices. Regarding queens road, this isn’t actually finished as of yet. But will be soon I hope! Let me know what you think. Feel free to email me directly on tomrlvoyce@gmail.com

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