Waunfawr 1

I had a nice surprise recently after having sold one of my degree show paintings to a collector in Seattle, USA. Waunfawr 1 was one of my earlier paintings in a series of drawings, paintings and prints based on a housing estate in Aberystwyth, Wales.

I was drawn to the estate for various reasons. The topography of the area aloud for some fantastic compositions to be drawn up, looking down streets and onto the various shapes and lines formed from the housing. With good light, I spent many hours here collecting my drawings for future paintings.

It was also here that reminded me weirdly enough of home- my hometown estate in Branston, Burton on Trent. The same age of housing, same street sights, same building type, same colour brick work. It all seemed very nostalgic and familiar. So I drew my estate at home aswell- and over a period of months combined the two to create a body of work that became my degree show.

Fortunately enough for me it worked out OK.

The exhibition series was selected for the ‘Graduate exhibition’ at the Millennium centre, Cardiff that year, and Waunfawr 4 was exhibited in various locations.

Now my first in the series is off over the high seas.

Cant help but feel a tad nostalgic! wf1

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