Life Class Studies- China

Whilst teaching me and Ben both managed to do abit of drawing along side the students. Drawings often of the students filled up my sketchbook. It was great to draw often again. As most of the tasks we set were quick exercises, most of my sketches were done in the few moments where we could get a chance. to grab a pen or pencil.

2014-05-19.18_23_50 2014-05-19.18_24_16 2014-05-19.18_24_42 2014-05-19.18_25_06 2014-05-19.18_21_25 2014-05-19.18_21_53 2014-05-19.18_22_26 2014-05-19.18_22_52 2014-05-19.18_23_19

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