In Transit- Cityscapes

One of the first issues that I was aware of when finding composition ideas in China was the lack of good light! Especially in central China where the smog was particularly thick. This has led me to rethink ways in which I shall try and tackle the new series of paintings that I shall be developing.

I did change after afew weeks, and in Guilin and even Shanghai that light was much stronger and gave for some interesting and promising ideas.

IMG_3043 IMG_3061 IMG_3099 IMG_3110 IMG_3112 IMG_3122 IMG_3137 IMG_3237 IMG_3264 IMG_3287 IMG_3452 IMG_3465 IMG_3477 IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3565 IMG_3583 IMG_3585 IMG_3587 IMG_4845 IMG_4880 IMG_4919 IMG_4989 IMG_5857 IMG_6174 IMG_6304 IMG_6307 IMG_6713

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